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31st June 2002
3:33 AM
We have an exclusive interview with Scream park mad man, Mr. Jerk Off! Find it here.

30th June 2002
15:52 PM
City officials have declared the forest a no-go zone after a fire ravaged part of it last week. It's unkown exactly who or what started the blaze, but the police are saying we should all keep our eyes open for objects with "BOMB" written on the side, as well as matches and lighters just lying around.

29th June 2002
4:31 AM:
Do you believe the rumours about a human fly who lives in Scream Park? Read the report and make your own mind up!

1:56 AM:
Mayor Vaughn has announced that re-construction of the damaged AC Building will begin next week. For more information on what happened at the AC Corp Building, click here.

1:30 AM:
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